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What we do

Pay online

Cloud-based service for fast implementation and ROI, on-prem data integration

High performancs

Fosters high organizational performance in times of continuous disruption

Office 365

Integrates with Office 365 authentication and services for a seamless user experience

Full learning cycles

Supports full learning cycles and multiple adoption & change management strategies

Who you are



  • Easy to use on all devices
  • All in one place, accessible everywhere
  • Developing my competencies makes me better
  • Align my learning with company’s needs
  • Collaborate with others
  • Integrated with my everyday tools
Training Manager

Training Manager

  • Support for planning processes
  • Advanced Assignment Wizard for massive enrolments
  • Easy integration with other systems I’m using
  • Flexible scheduling system
  • Support for online, off-line and blended learning
  • Digital credentials included
CHR Officer

CHR Officer

  • Competencies diagnostic tools
  • Tests and knowledge certifications
  • Continuous Compliance Management
  • Integration of different knowledge sources
  • Sharing and collaboration develops creative organizational culture
  • Easy monitoring of learning processes
Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital Officer

  • Awareness building tools
  • Digital mindset development and promotion
  • Encourage employees to innovate and collaborate
  • Influence on higher employee engagement
  • Digital Leaders recognition and support


  • Supporting organizational agility
  • Achieving higher performance level
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
  • Supporting organizational compliance readiness
  • Development of key competencies for sustainable growth
  • Promotion of companie’s values and goals
IT Manager

IT Manager

  • Fostering of advanced technology adaption
  • Cloudbased system – no additional infrastructure requirements
  • Ease to implement – easy to use – easy to support
  • Improved security and personal data protection
  • Easy integration with other IT systems within organization and outside

More than just
an LMS.

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Performa 365 proved instrumental for Algebra in rolling out online and on-site learning activities for over 6.000 teachers within the e-Schools pilot project in Croatia. We relied on Performa 365 (branded as “CSUED” for the purpose of the project) for classroom attendee and trainer scheduling, attendee management, trainer quality analysis, travel cost management, and many more aspects of delivering a complex, national-wide training effort in a short timeframe.